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Matta (aka Roberto Matta)

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20th Century Modern Painter
France, (November 11, 1911–November 23, 2002) Roberto Matta was born in Santiago, Chile in 1911 and was educated there at the College of the Sacred Heart and at the Catholic University, graduating in 1931 with a degree in Architecture. In 1936 Matta went to Paris and found employment as a draftsman with Le Corbusier. During this period, he met Pablo Neruda and Federico Garcia Lorca. Through Lorca, he met Dali, and through Dali he met Andre Breton who was impressed enough to buy some of Matta's drawings. In 1938, Matta joined the Surrealist group and participated in the International Surrealist Exhibition in Paris. At the outbreak of war in Europe, Matta , along with the other painters most associated with the movement, came to New York. His first one-man show was given at the Julian Levy Gallery in 1940. Max Ernst, whose name is inseparable from Surrealism, and Roberto Matta began an association with Peggy Guggenheim's influential New York gallery, Art of the Century, in 1941. Matta was a friend of Jackson Pollock during this time and was a very strong influence on the art of his close friend Arshile Gorky, whose work is said to have been a bridge between European Surrealism and what a new generation of American Surrealists were to make of it. Andre Breton considered Gorky to be the most important of the American recruits to Surrealism. Much younger than most of his colleagues, Matta endeavored to make a place for himself by extending the scope of Surrealism. His works, in their structure, sometimes suggest his Architectural training, yet the landscapes of his mind often depict other, impossible worlds.
November 23, 2002, Tarquinia, Italy

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Work History
1966 - 1968: Collaborative painting with art students, Havana, Cuba
1966: Art Teacher, School of Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota
1937 - 1947: Member, Surrealist Group
1937: Architecture group, Spanish Republican Pavilion, Paris International Exhibition, Paris, France
1933 - 1934: Draftsman in studio of Le Corbousier, Paris, France
1933: Worked as a Merchant Marine, traveling around Europe

1929 - 1931: Catholic University of Santiago, Santiago, Chile
Achitecture and Interior Design, Sacre Coeur Jesuit College, Santiago, Chile

November 11, 1911, Santiago, Chile

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