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The following subjects and themes appear throughout the Museum’s art collection. While there are other subjects present in the collection - religion, figures, nature, food, architecture, and still lives represent the most frequently occurring categories. Religion is a theme present in figurative works from the early 18th century up until today, illustrating well-known Biblical stories and characters. Figurative artwork has an extensive history, existing since the earliest artwork has been discovered. The figurative objects in the Museum’s collection are as varied as the collection itself, containing works from several time periods and stylistic movements. Nature is a theme found throughout the collection - represented through the object form itself or in its design. Food is a theme that can take a more humorous approach to an art object - with some of the works appearing like an exact replica of the food item or using food to tell a story. Architectural art objects create a sense of space through the use of art elements that are reminiscent of building design.

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